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Fulfill your dreams!

Fulfill your dreams!

Get the best financing solution for you

Choose to work differently.
We offer an efficient approach in accessing a real estate loan.

How can you get a loan?

There are 5 easy steps to get a mortgage with Roca Finance


Preliminary discussion


Offer presentation


Drafting of the application


Assistance with the application


Disbursing the loan

Why choose the Roca Finance lending solution?

Comprehensive Assistance

Assistance for you to get the most advantageous credit among the over 10 credit options offered by our partner banking institutions

Approval Time

Due to Roca Finance’s partnerships with banking institutions, the time needed to approve the application is considerably reduced.


We show you the financing options available through collaboration with top banking institutions in Romania and you can choose the offer that suits you best!

No additional costs

The service is free for individuals.